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Calibrations and normal quality tests

Our company provides an answer around the clock, to solve problems with our customers.

Calibration and testing department

In our workshop there is a unique laboratory for testing and calibrating safety valves and taps.

The test is performed by a skilled team that knows how to thoroughly diagnose the tested equipment, analyze the test results and overcome any malfunction.

The test produces a graphic output indicating the absence of leaks, material passage and normal discharge pressure (in pressure relief valves).

The tester is built for faucets with a diameter of 1/4" and above and is adapted to high pressures of up to about 100 barG. 

A certified inspector's review can be attached to each test performed at the inspection center - according to the customer's requirement. 

All the tests are done in accordance with the relevant standards, and taking into account the nature of the work of the equipment and the characteristics of the customer and the materials he works with.

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