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Our company has a test facility for valves that produces a computerized graphic output that indicates the calibration and correctness of the valve.


Renovation and calibration of safety valves

Each test can be accompanied by a review by a certified tester.
A safety valve or pressure relief valve is designed to release excess pressure from the line or pressure tank on which it is installed.
Safety valves must be installed in pressure tanks / lines in which dangerous material / gas flows such as ammonia, steam / oils / fuels / acids and other uses.
The installation of the safety valve prevents explosion and leakage of material and thus prevents harm to the person near the facility, harm to the environment (pollution, sewage, etc.) and harm to the various equipment installed on the same line.

The valve must undergo an inspection and calibration once for the period defined for it according to its data and the data of the line on which it is installed and according to the provisions of the law.
Safety valves mounted on steam/ammonia pressure tanks are required to be inspected by a certified inspector.

Sample Graphical Output - Certified Tester Coverage.

Click to view sample output. 


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