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Professional technical department with years of experience in pneumatic equipment 

Pistons and peripheral components.

and pistons

Renovation of actuators and pistons

Our company renovates operating assemblies for faucets such as:

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic pistons

Faucet actuator 

Instrumentation equipment and location for control valves of all types

Operators and machines are operating equipment, meaning an accessory (usually pneumatic) that is connected to the faucet's operating axis and causes its movement.

Pneumatic actuators

They have a rotational movement of usually 90 degrees and they will be mounted on the axes of faucets whose working principle is rotary such as ball, butterfly, plug and similar faucets.

The actuators are activated by air-air or air-spring command.

Pneumatic pistons

These have straight movement (Y axis).

When fitting a piston to a faucet, make sure that the opening stroke of the piston corresponds to the stroke of the desired faucet opening.

The pistons will be mounted on the axes of faucets whose working principle is "piston" such as knife faucets and gate faucets.

The very act of mounting an actuator on a faucet makes it controlled, but without the installation of additional device equipment and a positioner, it is not proportional - but has only 2 positions (on/off).

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