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We are able to respond to the repair and renewal of any busy faucet, and its instrumentation and operation!

calibration overhaul

Overhual and calibration of control valves


Our company specializes in refurbishing control faucets and proportional faucets of any type and manufacturer.

We carry out a complete overhaul of the faucet and the equipment that is mounted on it, calibrations and tests for leaks, function and reliability.


What are control valves and proportional valves?

Let's start with a basic term:

NO - normally open - is a valve that when assembled on the line is open and allows full flow of material.

NC -normally close - is a valve that when assembled on the line is closed and does not allow the flow of material at all.

Controlled valve are equipped with instrumentation (regulator/positioner/pneumatic actuator, etc.) that can change the state of opening/closing the faucet from the control room that controls it.

ON/OFF control faucets - these valve work in two modes only:  open or closed. 

If the valve is NO - when you give a command it will close, and vice versa.

In valves with a rotary opening / closing movement such as ball valves / plug valves - a pneumatic actuator will be assembled using the air-air / air-spring method.

In valves with a piston opening/closing movement, there will be an "actuator" with a diaphragm and springs, or alternatively a pneumatic/hydraulic piston (for example, in a knife faucet).

Proportional control faucets - as they are called - these valves have more than 2 positions and the control room can control their opening percentage between 0-100%.

This operation is carried out by mounting a "positioner" (positioner) to the valves. There are electro-pneumatic positioners (in this case there will also be a pressure regulator) and electronic positioners.

By giving an electric signal to the controller - depending on the size of the signal, % opening/closing will take place.

Proportional control valves appear in different configurations: hemispherical\pistons\V-Ball and more, and the instrumentation they consist of is also expressed in different connections and shapes.


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