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Execution from the engineering planning stage to the finished product!

and machine manufacturing
and facilities

ADT Shipputz Hogan Ltd. provides service to industry and specializes in manufacturing and refurbishing washing machines, conveyors, drive systems, production and packaging machines - and in accordance with the customer's requirements.

The works are carried out from the engineering planning stage to the finished product.

We place emphasis on the adaptation of the product to the special needs of each customer, while involving the customer in all stages of the work and accompanying the customer in accepting and implementing the product at the work site.
We also provide general framing services and specialize in the following areas:

*Poultry and beef slaughterhouses.
* The chemical industry.
*food industry.
* Institutional kitchens.
*Electronics industry.
*The pharmaceutical industry.

 and others..

ADT Shipputz Hogen Ltd. provides solutions for any problem in the field of control and process management.
We have a control department that includes software and control personnel who specialize in matching the software, hardware and user requirements.
This while knowing the methods of control, control and the behavior of the controlled systems.
We specialize in making adjustments between all the control components in the system and the software that controls the process.

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